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Regulatory/Translational Expert

30%-50%, Zurich, fixed-term

Turning ideas into treatment

A joint call for expertise from Wellcome Trust and ETH Zurich.

Project background

Translation of ideas and findings in basic science into medical treatment and diagnostics is considered a long and complex process. In many cases it takes several years or even fails. However, recent examples have shown that acceleration of this process is possible. The super-fast development of Covid-19 vaccines has demonstrated not only the potential of joint research but also the enormous potential for acceleration of translation. It was only possible by speeding up each single step including mandatory regulatory measures.

Although ETH has a long-standing track record in the life science area and generates a number of spin-offs in this field every year, specific regulatory and translational know-how is still missing. This lack of expertise has been identified as a major hurdle for more translation of ideas into medical treatment. Therefore, ETH is seeking specific expertise in the area of drug, device, and diagnostics development in all stages as well as in the field of (digital) biomarker development.

Wellcome Trust helps to accelerate Translation at ETH

“Wellcome and ETH Zurich share the vision that dismantling barriers in translational science is crucial to solving global health challenges. We believe there is still huge potential in medical research and innovation, and are looking forward to our partnership with ETH,” says Katherine Anastasi-Frankovics, Director of Innovations at Wellcome Trust. This opening statement marks an institutional collaboration between both partners. A generous donation will enable ETH to build a pool of experts in this area. Initial funding is provided for two years with an option for further extension.

Job description

Call for expertise

Do you want to contribute to this pool of experts? If you have a proven track record as a regulatory expert, with specific knowledge in the above-mentioned area, you are encouraged to apply to become a member of the Wellcome/ETH translational expert pool.

You should be willing to consult for regulatory/clinical strategies for ETH researchers and spin-offs. In addition, systematic research into translational processes and regulatory strategies is necessary to establish a core competence in this field at ETH.

You will be embedded in the new digital Trial Intervention platform (dTIP). You will face cutting-edge science and technologies, enthusiastic researchers, and strong support for translation.

Your profile

You should demonstrate:

  1. Long-standing expertise, e.g. in working for Pharma, Biotech or consulting companies
  2. Successful history of interactions with health authorities like FDA, EMA, Swissmedic, and others
  3. A proven track record of of translating ideas into treatment
  4. Strong commitment for a scientific approach to analyze translation processes

ETH Zurich

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We look forward to receiving your online application with the following documents:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • List of major achievements in the regulatory/translational field
  • Proposal for the mode of collaboration

Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

Questions regarding the position should be directed to Prof. Dr. Jörg Goldhahn, Tel +41 44 632 20 69 or email (no applications).

For recruitment services the GTC of ETH Zurich apply.

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