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PhD position on solid-state chemistry of Li-ion solid-state conductors

100%, Zurich, fixed-term

A PhD position is available in the Functional Inorganic Material group (KovalenkoLab).

Job description

Materials with superior Li-ion conductivity are required to advance electrochemical energy storage technologies such as those used for portable and mobility applications. Among the plethora of solid lithium electrolyte materials investigated, engineering fast lithium superionic conductors with a high electrochemical stability voltage window remains a formidable challenge. Recently, lithium solid electrolytes of the garnet family, such as Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) have gained attention in research community, exhibiting a substantial electrochemical operation window of 0 to 6 V vs. Li+/Li at high Li-ion conductivity of up to 1 mS cm−1 at RT. This project is an exciting opportunity for the exploration of new LLZO Li-ion conducting inorganic ceramics, understanding of Li diffusion pathways, and the in-depth characterization of their chemical and electrochemical compatibility with metallic lithium. The project will focus on the understanding of the charge transport mechanisms in relation to structural aspects of novel LLZO chemistries and the development of new chemical approaches to the synthesis of LLZO. The project is intrinsically multi-disciplinary, bridging the gap between solid-state chemistry, chemistry of nanomaterials, and electrochemical energy storage and thus foster a highly stimulating research environment.

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Candidates should have recently obtained a master degree in chemistry, physics, or engineering with outstanding grades. Candidates should have a strong experimental background in electrochemical energy storage and have excellent knowledge of solid-state chemistry.

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Applications including a motivation letter, a CV, 2-3 recommendation letters (preferably sent by the referees), transcripts and any other relevant documents should be sent to: Dr. Kostiantyn Kravchyk ( and Prof. Maksym Kovalenko ( or through our online application portal.

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